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CIS'ters' podcast- Hidden Harm

Jun 20, 2021

Within CIS’ters we have highlighted, with other charities, for many years the existence of escalating sexual abuse/rape/exploitation/harassment within our schools. The Department of Education has funded a dedicated NSPCC line for pupils  to report abuse in schools, and during the period 1st April to 7th June a total of 426 contacts had been made. Of these, 366 related to sexual abuse, exploitation with references to harmful sexual behaviour and peer abuse. Whilst the scale of the experiences of young people in the education sector is shocking to members of the public and to government officials, it is a sad reflection in that the news was not shocking to us, but an evidence of what we had feared and knew to be the case.

This podcast explores the context of sexual abuse being experienced by pupils and what needs to now happen to change both behaviours but also educate not only children/teenagers and educators, but also the public as well. A further reality is that having sought the voice of the child to express their experiences, there are insufficient specialist resources to meet the demand should children and young people seek help.